XUL Application Tutorial

Written by Aaron Andersen. Fourth Draft, version 0.8.4

I am in the process of updating this tutorial and the XulNote Application for mozilla 1.0. I will post each of the already written sections here as soon as they are updated. Last update: 20021114.

I have restored the update notification system, so you can now sign up to receive an email whenever this tutorial is updated.

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome
    2. Requirements
    3. Prerequisite
    4. Little Boxes
  2. The XulNote App
    1. The Application
    2. The Disclaimer
    3. The Source Code
    4. The Archives
  3. A New Package
    1. The Package System
    2. Package Directories
    3. Content Package
    4. Skin Package
    5. Locale Package
    6. Package Registration
  4. Using Overlays
    1. About Overlays
    2. Local Overlays
    3. Cross Package Overlays
    4. Dynamic Overlays

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